Transition your ideas to reality

Industrial Intelligence

Pioneers Korea offer an unparalleled expertise in aiding our customers with regards to doing business with various agencies in the DPRK.

Custom Analysis

Pioneers Korea are uniquely placed to help our clients analyze the risks involved when venturing into business in the DPRK.

Media Services

Our unique access means that we are perfectly placed to provide tailor made reports and analysis based around specific stories, or areas of interest.

Legal Services

Pioneers Korea offer and provide both an internal and external legal services related to the legal system of the country, as well as the specific global legal implications of doing business in a sanctioned country.

Pioneers Korea can transform your dreams into reality.

Pioneers Korea are your choice for getting started into the world of doing business with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). We will guide you through the often difficult start up process that is doing business in North Korea.

We have a full-time staff base consisting of analysts and people that not only have a track record of doing business in the country but are in-country and on the ground on a regular basis. We live and breathe our end product.

Pioneers Korea are the only company positioned to transition your idea to being a reality in the opening and emerging market that is North Korea.