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Pioneers Korea are a China based consultancy with direct links to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). Our partners and employees have been involved and doing business in North Korea for a number of years, and are respected members of the business and expat community of the country.

We uphold a varied number of partners, staff, analysts and experts based both in and out of the country, as well as holding a permanent presence in Beijing, Dandong, and Yanji, the Chinese hubs of North Korean business and enterprise, and also having respected contacts in the domestic DPRK (North Korean) business community. We are the only people in our field able to offer this.

It is our knowledge and expertise that means we are the only company positioned to give your business the correct answers.

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Whilst we always respect customer confidentiality, our areas of successful cooperation have included the travel sector, factory production, event management, and sporting event management to name but a few. And when dealing with a unique business jurisdiction such as the DPRK (North Korea), some of our success stories have been when we have simply advised when not to get involved.

Pioneers Korea can transform your dreams into reality.